• 2009-12-22

    F**k yeah!

    Connection back online.

    New releases soon.

    Expect unexpected.

  • 2009-12-20

    I’m fnnaly upload that set. My damn connection isn’t repaired yet, so it take long time to open even google, but still, I manage to upload that set.

    Here’s it: [LHCD-CM0008] ヾ(>ワ<)ノ♪ (Happy Hardcore Strikes Back!). My promo set that let me play on OHR. Here’s tracklist:

    01 – テクネチウム – Tc-ma_003 (Kreton Remix)
    02 – Yoccho – After the Rain (LittleSweetLoli & Kreton Remix)
    03 – LittleSweetLoli feat. Saoo – Otaku Hardcore Revolution (N:3w R:3mix for This Track :3)
    04 – Kreton – Otaku Hardcore Revolution 2 Anthem
    05 – LittleSweetLoli – odadoloda feat. Kreton
    06 – クレトン – U.N.オーエンは彼女なのか?
    07 – クレトン – Zue Japko
    08 – DJ TECHNORCH – GOTHIC SYSTEM (Kreton & LittleSweetLoli Lolicore Remix)

    What I can say about set? Nothing special. It’s just Happy Hardcore mix of our (means, LH) songs. Rules was strict – Promo mix, at least 30 minutes and only own songs. So, well… It has time around 30:45 XD. If you want ask about OHR, well… I’ll be play there some songs that I not released yet. Back to promo mix… Just like allways – OGG and FLAC versions. Both with CUE file. Have fun listening!

    OGG Version: Download
    FLAC Version Missing

  • 2009-12-13

    Due to connection problems (admin work on it since two weeks, please kill him) ALL projects will be delayed.
    New release dates will be known, when my connection “wake up”.
    I take this time to make songs sounds better so I don’t waste this time.
    Please check site often (connection may be fixed this weekend (I hope so)) for informations.

  • 2009-12-04

    Just today Shingo Dj told me, that my promo set called ヾ(>ワ<)ノ♪ (Happy Hardcore Strikes Back!) was good and I’ll be playing live @ Otaku Hardcore Revolution 3!

    Promo set will be available for download soon. OHR Set – After OHR :D

    What is OHR? Well… Otaku Hardcore Revolution is an online radio event. It’s event created by Shingo Dj. First edition of OHR (called Otaku Hardcore Revolution ’09) was at 03-04 january 2009. There was few good hardcore music producers and DJs. Also, me. Total newbee XD. Second edition was made at 10-11 july 2009. Once again DJs and producers combined their power to made something awsome. There was also two special guests from Japan – USAO and DJ Sharpnel. Once again – I play there. This time… OHR 3!

    When and where? Here and now. Ok, It’s joke. When? 02-03 january 2010! Want more info? Check website www.ohrparty.com

    Second thing is… Due to connection problems (belive me, this site was load 10 minutes!!!) release of Littl:3 and Cut:3 will be moved to 15.12. But don’t worry. I use this time to make it even better.

  • 2009-11-25

    New release at 06.12!
    LittleSweetLoli 1st Album!
    [LHCD-0004] LittleSweetLoli
    Cover: [IN PROGRESS]
    01. Buża Muzguf
    02. Is That What You Call Makina?
    03. Kwaczka (Fap Fap Fap What a Crap Mix)
    04. Littl:3 and Cut:3
    05. Otaku Hardcore Revolution (Happy Happy Shining Style Remix)
    06. Otaku Hardcore Revolution (N:3w R:3mix for This Track :3)
    07: odadoloda feat. Kreton
    Will be available to download at 06.12 in OGG and high quality FLAC formats.
    Free tracks that already set in category Free Songs will be deleted from the site.

  • 2009-11-22
    Title: yokohAmA jumpstyLE triAL 150pLus+ (krEtoN vs fLAN-chAN rEmix)
    Artist: kenta-v.ez.
    Original yokohAmA jumpstyLE triAL 150pLus+ by kenta-v.ez.
    Genre: Hardstyle
    And then, god said “I’ll give you kenta-v.ez. to make awesome songs!”.
    Or something like that.
    Anyway, when I first time heard this song I knew it.
    It’s my FAVORITE. Also, I knew it that I must remix it.
    I’m ask for help Flan-chan since his\her specialization is Hardstyle and similar genres.
    Also DJ Werwolf lend us a hand a bit.
    So, how it sounds?
    Very similar to original song.
    Hard beat good synths, flute (hell yes >_<). Just yokohAmA (Thank goddess not Akihabara ^_^;). I’ll add also some variations to song. Just listen it!
    Here is remastered version 1 dot 2 (1.2 XD)!

    Well… I send some informations about remix to Mr. kenta-v.ez. but he just ignore it (I guess since I don’t get even “F**k you” answer).

    Download: None

  • 2009-11-22
    Title: Buża Muzgof
    Artist: LittleSweetLoli
    Genre: Happy Hardcore
    It’s nothing to hide.
    I have too small amount of ‘original’ songs (70% of songs are remixes.)
    So, here it is. How it sounds?
    You need to hear it by yourself.
    Happy Hardcore is Happy style.
    Song isn’t really that happy at all but…

    Download: Released on Littl:3 and Cut:3

  • 2009-11-22
    Title: Is That What U Call Makina?
    Artist: LittleSweetLoli
    Genre: Makina
    Wow! First ever attempt to make a Makina song!
    How it sounds?
    Like first song in new genre (I guess).
    Well… It’s very simple-made song. Melody isn’t perfect but it’s first song in this genre so I guess it’s ok.
    Later will be better… I hope so…

    Download: Released on Littl:3 and Cut:3

  • 2009-11-22

    Maybe you already heard about DJ Paper Chaos. If you didn’t – google it.

    Take a look at this asshole:
    Truth about DJ Paper Chaos
    Edit: There’s more:
    Poor M-Project

    Thanks to Rwr4539 for links.


  • 2009-11-20

    Name: Lullaby from Hell
    Catalog: LHCD-THS002
    Date Released: 20.11.2009
    Format: Digital, ogg, flac
    01. クレトン – Lullaby for a Nameless Soul
    02. DJ Werwolf – 18 Times a Hell

    Download link:
    OGG Version
    FLAC Version