• 2012-06-13

    Thanks to Black Ace – I got both Otaku Hardcore Revolution 2 & 3 EPs. Uploaded them, get it here:

    Otaku Hardcore Revolution 2 EP
    Be a Part of The Revolution


    PS: OHR3 has fixed my track.

  • 2012-06-07

    Yep, another, 5th Edition of Distant Phantasm will start at 15.06.2012 (Friday).
    This time event will be have optional rule to mix two songs into one.
    Event will be 1 month long, as always.

    DP Page

    Also, we are gonna release new album.
    Deadline is set to 30.06 but I hope we release it earlier.
    Check twitter and failbook as well as this site.

  • 2012-05-16

    Ok, here we are! New single – MaluCon Anthem. To make it quick:

    Title: Kreton vs Flan-chan feat. SeNe – MaluCon Anthem
    CAT: LHCD-0013
    Remixes: WK9, SagaRebelion

    01. MaluCon Anthem (Original Mix)
    02. MaluCon Anthem (WK9 Pretentious Mix)
    03. MaluCon Anthem (Saga Remix)

    OGG Version
    FLAC Version

  • 2012-05-11

    I want to annouce new Free Touhou Arrange Album.
    This time, it something for fans of first generation of Touhou.
    Album will be contains arranges from NEC PC-9800 games in styles like hardcore, dark-psy, happy hardcore and maybe even more.
    Release date: unknown but somewhere this summer.

    For new single, it’s again collaboration with WK9. Kreton vs Flan-chan with derp vioice of SeNe.
    That can sounds good bad. Wait for it. Release this month.

  • 2012-05-08

    Due to problems with my internet provied – DNSB was delayed but no more! It’s out!

    Darkest Nights & Brightest Smiles

  • 2012-03-25

    Yes! We want to announce new Full Touhou Arrange Album!
    Album, made by WK9, called Darkest Nights & Brightest Smiles will be great piece of music, covering few styles of electronic music like UK Hardcore and Dubstep.

    Release date it set to 27.04.2012

    Album page, where you can check tracklist and listen crossfade demo:
    Darkest Nights & Brightest Smiles

  • 2012-02-04

    Ok… Little list what should be done here:
    * Put list of Things to do. ☑
    * Check avability of releases and edit posts if needed. ☑
    * Updated Team & Guest section. ☒
    * Create Releases List. ☒

  • 2012-01-08

    New single form Loli-Hunters. Info below. Special thanks to WK9 for his work.

    Name: Fantasia
    Artist: Kreton feat. LittleSweetLoli
    Catalog: LHCD-0012
    Date released: 08.01.2012
    Format: Digital, OGG, 256 kbps or FLAC

    01 – Fantasia (Original Mix)
    02 – Fantasia (WK9 Remix)

    Again, special thanks to WK9 for his work. Get and listen.

    OGG Version
    FLAC Version

  • 2012-01-07

    Distant Phantasm 3 – Still ongoing. You can hear my entry for DP.


  • 2011-12-24

    Loli-Hunter Music want to announce new album.

    In order to make you Christmas better and more hardcore, we have for you Xmas release!

    This time SiMiK (aka Hinnyuu) was project coordinator so credit goes to him.

    We put here only one track and We release it. I hate Xmas anyway…

    Ok, some details:

    Name: Fuck Yeah, Carols!
    Catalog: LHCD-0011
    Date released: 24.12.2011
    Format: Digital, MP3, 320 kbps

    01 – Youkai – sitting at the dinner table with my love at christmas
    02 – Bloody Vomit Bukkake – Softcore Christmas Party
    03 – Kreton – Deck the Hall (Happy Hardcore Fuck Xmas Remix)
    04 – Dj Lava – Jingle Bells
    05 – Akamushi – SISSY STUFF
    06 – Foxxy Dekay – Lolita Acid Doll Girl
    07 – Loli Waffen SS – There Are No Holidays In War (Part I)
    08 – Loli Waffen SS – There Are No Holidays In War (Part II)
    09 – Hinnyuu – It’s Christmas, You Dog!
    10 – “iluvOP – Exciting times
    11 – “iluvOP – Fuck X-mas Music (Especially The One In Stores)
    12 – SD-501 – Jingle Bells (4 Fuckin’ X-Mas)
    13 – Reizoko Cj – Fanteucpx[zv
    14 - "iluvOP - loli-pop presento
    15 - Blizzenblight - 64528
    16 - Foxxy Dekay - Super Happy Otaku Pancake Party
    17 - Blizzenblight - Corrupted mushrooms
    19 - Casketkrusher - Heavy Hardcore Christmas
    20 - Blizzenblight - Overdose
    21 - Youkai - Another New Year To Fail Miserably
    22 - "iluvOP - Yeahhh

    Cover art by NImFpa.
    Thanks to everyone.

    Ok, WordPress don't like us, so link will be posted that way. Just copy it and paste in adress field.

    Some songs contains samples taken from different commercial songs. Loli-Hunter Music don’t take any reponsibility for these songs. Please contact appropriate musicians. If some songs abuse your work, please contact label owner. Songs which abuse your copyright will be removed form albums immediately.