1. Basic:

Q: What is Loli-Hunter Music?
A: Loli-Hunter Music is an Polish hardcore net label.

Q: Hey, wait. If it’s Polish label why site is in English?
A: English language is most known language in the world. And we have listeners around the world. That’s why.

Q: What music you release?
A: Mostly Hardcore Techno. It’s mean also sub-genres like Speedcore, Trance, etc. But we are also open to a lot of other genres.

Q: I want release song\album under Loli-Hunter Music label. It’s possible?
A: Sure. First, you have to contact us. Then send some demos, and if they will be accepted we can talk about rest (website, graphics, release date, etc.).

Q: But my music isn’t hardcore.
A: So what? Genre is no matter that long as song is good.

Q: Your music is in OGG and FLAC formats. Why not MP3?
A: We are net label. We releasing music for FREE. That’s why we use FREE formats. Also, FLAC and OGG has MUCH better quality than MP3 file.
If you going to release albums in our label – YOU decide what format we should use (OGG & FLAC are default).

Q: Ok, I want to use MP3. What should I do?
A: First, send us files. One note – All files MUST be in same bitrate (192 kbps or higher).

Q: How to open OGG or FLAC files?
A: Just normal. By using WinAMP or foobar or anything other than Windows Media Player. And you need specific encoder. Both WinAMP and foobar has that encoders by default so you shouldn’t have problems. If you have by any chance – just download newest version of you software.

Q: Can I put your song [insert name here] on my website?
A: Our music is shared at Creative Commons License 4.0. It’s mean you can share and even remix our music that long, as you doing it for free. It will be also nice if you leave link to our blog on you website.

Q: What software you use to making music?
A: Mostly FL Studio 10.0 + GoldWave. First songs was created by using ModPlug Tracker.

Q: How to be that cool like you guys?
A: We are not cool. We are just normal.

Q: Where can we download fresh trance music?
A: It's easy, fresh progressive, psychedelic and goa trance @ 1trance.org

Q: LHR or LHM ?
A: Bell rings that Loli-Hunter Music should be LHM in short, but it’s LHR instead. Our first releases has [LHR] in name what means ‘Loli-Hunter Release’. So it’s LHR.

Q: How to contact you?
A: Check ‘About’ section.

Q: I don’t find answer here. What should I do?
A: Kill yourself ;). Or better – check answer above.

2. Licensing:

By sending us your track, you gives us permission for use your track in various ways.
1. First is of course releasing it on album. Whole album is released for free under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 License.
2. Some of songs we release is uploaded on our YouTube channel and our label page on last.fm.
3. We can also use tracks in other releases and mixes – always under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.
4. Musicians who release more than two tracks in our Label, can use all tracks we released without asking for permission. But still, please inform us about it.
5. If your track will be used in any of ways listed above, most probably we contact you. Of course credits going always to creator – You.

StepMania Usage:

1. Using our tracks in StepMania game as simfile is allowed if track was cut to length not longer than 2:29. For professional cuts – you can contact us – then we make, a short version of track. Also readme file must contains address to our website.
2. Using our tracks in Contest where prize is cash (StepMix and similar), is FORBIDDEN. If you want use one of our tracks in that contest you must contact us to get permission first. If we find out, you use our track without permission, we make sure you will be disqualify from contest (really, asking us is not, a hard thing).
3. Using our tracks in fan sim-packs and non-profit contest is allowed without permission but readme file must contains address to our website.
4. Make sure that you let us know about sim\pack – we want to test your work.