Otaku Hardcore Revolution 3 + LaC delayed

Submitted by kreton on Fri, 12/04/2009 - 21:32

Just today Shingo Dj told me, that my promo set called ヾ(>ワ<)ノ♪ (Happy Hardcore Strikes Back!) was good and I’ll be playing live @ Otaku Hardcore Revolution 3!

Promo set will be available for download soon. OHR Set – After OHR :D

What is OHR? Well… Otaku Hardcore Revolution is an online radio event. It’s event created by Shingo Dj. First edition of OHR (called Otaku Hardcore Revolution ’09) was at 03-04 january 2009. There was few good hardcore music producers and DJs. Also, me. Total newbee XD. Second edition was made at 10-11 july 2009. Once again DJs and producers combined their power to made something awsome. There was also two special guests from Japan – USAO and DJ Sharpnel. Once again – I play there. This time… OHR 3!

When and where? Here and now. Ok, It’s joke. When? 02-03 january 2010! Want more info? Check website www.ohrparty.com

Second thing is… Due to connection problems (belive me, this site was load 10 minutes!!!) release of Littl:3 and Cut:3 will be moved to 15.12. But don’t worry. I use this time to make it even better.