Flan-chan - Bubble Bobble [Sum Pluginz TEST(core) ReyMixX]

Submitted by kreton on Thu, 11/19/2009 - 21:20

Title: Bubble Bobble [Sum Pluginz TEST(core) ReyMixX]
Artist: Flan-chan
Original Bubble Bobble by Peter Clarke and David Whittaker (info from Wikipedia)
Genre: Experimental
When you hear it – shit bricks.
Really. Ok, what is wrong with that track?
Well… Do you remember Commodore 64 game Bubble Bobble?
Well… I start messing with song from this game when I test new VSTi plugis that I got.
Title says everything, right? Ok, if you didn’t scared yet, below is download. *coolface.jpg*

Download: Released on Crapcore (aka Old Songz)