Kreton - TeЯЯacoЯe (Not a best Яemix)

Submitted by kreton on Thu, 11/19/2009 - 21:15

Title: TeЯЯacoЯe (Not a best Яemix)
Artist: Kreton
Original Tina by Nobuo Uematsu
Genre: Hardcore
Do you ever play Final Fantasy VI?
If yes, you should remember song Terra (Tina? WTF?).
Most awsome track I ever heard in FF series.
Well… I messed up with song a bit… Original was awsome… My remix… Isn’t. Well… When I make it… I didn’t know some really good featores of soft and good didn’t know much about making happy hardcore music…
Maybe I should make a remake? Gah…

Well… I look up for some info… I suppose that original track was called Terra, but all sites tells me that, track is called Tina (FFVI Original Soundtrack CD 02, track 1).

Download: Released on Crapcore (aka Old Songz)