[LHCD-0006] Loli-Hunters – Crapcore (aka Old Songz)

Submitted by kreton on Wed, 06/16/2010 - 21:50
Name: Crapcore (aka Old Songz)
Catalog: LHCD-0006
Date Released: 16.06.2010
Format: Digital, OGG,

01 – Kreton – TeЯЯacoЯe (Not a best Яemix)
02 – CrowCalledWindgirl – Song in 10 minutes ~It’s bondage my friend~
03 – Kreton – I Maid My Song (Another Tale About Crapcore)
04 – LittleSweetLoli – Sunrise
05 – Flan-chan – Bubble Bobble [Sum Pluginz TEST(core) ReyMixX]
06 – Flan-chan – [email protected] 1-2-3 X
07 – LittleSweetLoli – Because I Need Free Time (That song is short)
08 – Flan-chan – gAbbA crushEr 170pLus+
09 – MiNDFuCkeD LOLi – SwEet LiTtle dEad(LEss RApes THan USuall BUt Flan-chan MIx)

As I promised, album is released. On time! HA! I feel strange… About release – There is 9 a bit strange tracks – mostly – old projects. Don’t expect anything that good like Littl:3 and Cut:3 (Melody for that Girl) or R:3volution 3.0 (OHR 3 Anthem). No, no. Let’s think about this like about SHAPRNEL SOUND “EARLY STYLE OF OTAKUSPEEDVIBE 1996-1998 PROJECTGABBANGELION”. It’s something like this, but more crappy. I promise, next release should kick you ass to the moon! Be patient and enjoy this one… If you can…

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