Littl:3 and Cut:3 – Final Announcment

Submitted by kreton on Fri, 02/05/2010 - 21:42

A long time ago in galaxy far, far away…
Well… It was november so it’s not that long… Anyway, Littl:3 and Cut:3 will be released!

Release date: 12.02.2010

01. LittleSweetLoli – Buża Muzguf
02. LittleSweetLoli – Kwaczka (Fap Fap Fap What a Crap Mix)
03. LittleSweetLoli – Otaku Hardcore Revolution Anthem (Happy Happy Shining Style Remix)
04. LittleSweetLoli – Is That、What U Call Makina?
05. LittleSweetLoli – Littl:3 and Cut:3 (Melody for that Girl)
06. LittleSweetLoli feat. Saoo – Otaku Hardcore Revolution (N:3w R:3mix for This Track :3)
07. LittleSweetLoli – odadoloda feat. Kreton
08. LittleSweetLoli – Littl:3 and Cut:3 (Flan-chan Remikusun)
09. LittleSweetLoli – Littl:3 and Cut:3 (Melody for that Girl) [StepMania Edit]

Crossfade Demo

Album will be released both in OGG and FLAC version.