Team & Guests

Loli-Hunter Music Team:

Kreton – Founder, owner, no specified style.
LittleSweetLoli – Happy Hardcore, Makina
CrowCalledWindgirl – Speedcore, Noisecore
Flan-chan – Terrorcore, Sadistic Hardcore, Experimental
クレトン – Touhou Remixes, no specified style




zM-X – Guest in チルノProject
Round Wave Crusher – Guest in 「HDV」 Hardstyle-D-Vision
DJ Werwolf – Guest in チルノProject, Lullaby from Hell
DJ Juriesute – Guest in チルノProject
Black Ace – Guest in チルノProject
ハト – Guest in チルノProject
DJ Cirnon – Guest in チルノProject
AceMan – Guest in Happy Xmascore
Qygen – Guest in Happy Xmascore

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