Bootleg Day

We have for you good release! 8 bootleg remixes made by WK9.

Catalog: LHBR-0001
Format: 8 tracks, separate mp3 files, 320 kbps
Demo: SoundCloud
01 – UnderpΩny – Tara’s Badonkadonk (WK9 Scouse Mix)
02 – Ecco – Intuition (WK9 Bootleg)
03 – Good Living – Feels So Good (WK9 Feels So Bootleg)
04 – Blümchen – Heut’ Ist Mein Tag (WK9 Bootleg)
05 – WK9 – Ippaimaster
06 – Bingo Players – Mode (WK9 Bootleg)
07 – WK9 – Harday Fricore 2012
08 – WK9 vs U2 – Bootleg Day

Since wordpress has somekind of problems, just copy this link:[LHBR-0001]BootLoli-Hunter-BootlegDay.7z

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