Missing Release

When site was down, I release new Touhou release and forgot to post it here >_ Time to fix it. Here it goes:

Name: 東方メガミックス2 ~ EXtra Destroyers (Mixed by Flan-chan)
Catalog: LHCD-TH005
Date Released: 24.07.2010
Format: Digital, OGG

01 – クレトン – U.N.Owen Kill her!
02 – クレトン – ネクロファンタジア (Sukima Mix)
03 – クレトン – Possessed by Phoenix (MOKO!! Special Edition!)
04 – クレトン – Soo-ee-kaaaa (Pandemonium Hardstyle Edit)
05 – クレトン – 六十年目の東方裁判 ~ Fate of Sixty-Nine
06 – クレトン – ケロ (Frog was there?)
07 – クレトン – Hearts-shaped Bullets
08 – クレトン – Małe Latające Skurwysyny (Multi-colored UFOZ)
09 – クレトン – 比那名居 (Hit her more Ver.)
10 – クレトン – EXtra Destroyers (東方メガミックス2 EXclusive Mendley)

All tracks are composed by ZUN except track 04, which was composed by U2. Arranged by クレトン, mixed by Flan-chan.

Download OGG

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