[LHCD-TH003~004] Once in a While

With a one week dealy…

Finnaly! Next Touhou Arrange Album! But wait… Not one. Two!

Title: Once in a While
CD: 2 – 1. Eye on the Sky; 2 – The First Four
Format: Digital, OGG files.
Eye on the Sky
1. クレトン – Zue Japko
2. クレトン – Chinese Tea ~ Zielona Herbatka
3. クレトン – Crimson Belvedere ~ 東方夢…
4. クレトン – Lullaby for a Nameless Soul
5. DJ Werwolf – Speedcore for the Undead Princess

The First Four
1. クレトン – Q.E.D. 「U.N.オーエン495年間」
2. クレトン – HARDエイジア
3. クレトン – しんの桜
4. クレトン – カエルの姫

Eye on the Sky was announced few days ago…
The First Four contains 4 tracks – My first Touhou arranges. Don’t expect anything awsome.

OGG Version: RELEASE IS MISSING. Let us know it you have it.
FLAC Version not available.

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6 Responses to [LHCD-TH003~004] Once in a While

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  4. Shay says:

    Link is down, please re-upload.

  5. Kreton says:

    That would be a problem. It’s one of our releases we lost with old server.

  6. Scarlet_Meister says:

    While not all of them, most of the tracks in these Albums can be found on
    The one’s missing are (obviously) DJ Werwolf’s track and HARDエイジア.
    I don’t have access to all of them though, maybe only the profile’s owner has? Also, last.fm most probably recoded them, so it might be of lower quality…

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