「HDV」 Hardstyle-D-Vision

Name: 「HDV」 Hardstyle-D-Vision
Catalog: LHCD-0002
Date Released: ??.11.2008
Format: Digital, mp3

1. Kreton – Hardstyle D-Vision
2. Kreton – 4Dv4Nc3 ~WtF WitH tHat HaRD LOLi MiXXX?~
3. Flan-chan – tRy t0 R4p3 tHat LOLi LiSt3ninG kenta-v.ez. tHat S4y uR a fuCkinG idi0t [but tHat LOLi M4y b3 a tRap ( O_o)]
4. Kreton – Time to Break -morning-
5. CrowCalledWindgirl – R3L4S3 y0uR bR34kS feat. Taiko-chan & Mudah Guy
6. Kreton – Time to Break -noon-
7. CrowCalledWindgirl – R3L4S3 y0uR bR34kS (Round Wave Crusher Remix)
8. Round Wave Crusher – Operation R.W.C. (feat Kreton)

Download link: 「HDV」 Hardstyle-D-Vision

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