kenta-v.ez. – yokohAmA jumpstyLE triAL 150pLus+ (krEtoN vs fLAN-chAN rEmix)

Title: yokohAmA jumpstyLE triAL 150pLus+ (krEtoN vs fLAN-chAN rEmix)
Artist: kenta-v.ez.
Original yokohAmA jumpstyLE triAL 150pLus+ by kenta-v.ez.
Genre: Hardstyle
Description: And then, god said “I’ll give you kenta-v.ez. to make awesome songs!”. Or something like that. Anyway, when I first time heard this song I knew it. It’s my FAVORITE. Also, I knew it that I must remix it. I’m ask for help Flan-chan since his\her specialization is Hardstyle and similar genres. Also DJ Werwolf lend us a hand a bit. So, how it sounds? Very similar to original song. Hard beat good synths, flute (hell yes >_<). Just yokohAmA (Thank goddess not Akihabara ^_^;). I’ll add also some variations to song. Just listen it! Here is remastered version 1 dot 2 (1.2 XD)!

Well… I send some informations about remix to Mr. kenta-v.ez. but he just ignore it (I guess since I don’t get even “F**k you” answer).

Download: None

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