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Happy Xmascore

Name: Happy Xmascore Catalog: LHCD-0005 Date Released: 24.12.2009 Format: Digital, ogg, flac Cover: Tracklist: 01. Qygen – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas 02. LittleSweetLoli – Pójdźmy Wszyscy do Stajenki (Party Będzie!) 03. Qygen – Carol of Bells 04. CrowCalledWindgirl … Continue reading

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Back Online

F**k yeah! Connection back online. New releases soon. Expect unexpected.

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ヾ(>ワ<)ノ♪ (Happy Hardcore Strikes Back!) [OHR3 Promo Set]

I’m fnnaly upload that set. My damn connection isn’t repaired yet, so it take long time to open even google, but still, I manage to upload that set. Here’s it: [LHCD-CM0008] ヾ(>ワ<)ノ♪ (Happy Hardcore Strikes Back!). My promo set that … Continue reading

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Littl:3 and Cut:3 in StepMania

Yes, I’m making simfile for StepMania game for Littl:3 and Cut:3 (Melody for that Girl). Simfile will be padable (most probably 1/3/6/8/-). Will be available for download just after release of Littl:3 and Cut:3 album. Also, both, DDR Edit and … Continue reading

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Projects Delayed!

Due to connection problems (admin work on it since two weeks, please kill him) ALL projects will be delayed. New release dates will be known, when my connection “wake up”. I take this time to make songs sounds better so … Continue reading

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Otaku Hardcore Revolution 3 + LaC delayed

Just today Shingo Dj told me, that my promo set called ヾ(>ワ<)ノ♪ (Happy Hardcore Strikes Back!) was good and I’ll be playing live @ Otaku Hardcore Revolution 3! Promo set will be available for download soon. OHR Set – After … Continue reading

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