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Littl:3 and Cut:3 in StepMania

Yes, I’m making simfile for StepMania game for Littl:3 and Cut:3 (Melody for that Girl). Simfile will be padable (most probably 1/3/6/8/-). Will be available for download just after release of Littl:3 and Cut:3 album. Also, both, DDR Edit and … Continue reading

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Projects Delayed!

Due to connection problems (admin work on it since two weeks, please kill him) ALL projects will be delayed. New release dates will be known, when my connection “wake up”. I take this time to make songs sounds better so … Continue reading

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Lol @ DJ Paper Chaos

Maybe you already heard about DJ Paper Chaos. If you didn’t – google it. Take a look at this asshole: Truth about DJ Paper Chaos Edit: There’s more: Poor M-Project Thanks to Rwr4539 for links. Peace.

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